21 Ways to Stay in Love Forever

I have summarized Brain Tracy’s book, “21 Ways to Stay in Love Forever.” Here you go…

1. Make a total commitment to your relationship.
2. Communicate openly and honestly. Never expect your spouse to read your mind.
3. Ask for what you want.
4. Accept your spouse’s differences.
5. See the best in your spouse and believe in your spouse.
6. Continually encourage your spouse.
7. Be a good listener. Listen attentively.
8. Seek first to understand.
9. Set reasonable standards.
10. Continually build your spouse’s self esteem.
11. Never go to bed angry.
12. Visualize your spouse as an ideal person.
13. Treat your spouse as the most important person in the world.
14. Remember why you fell in love.
15. Forgive early and often.
16. Apologize for your mistakes.
17. Give your spouse acts of service.
18. Learn and talk about his or her interest.
19. Accept complete responsibility for your own behavior.
20. Spend quality time with your spouse.
21. Develop shared goals; a shared vision.