The Absolute Greatest Gift is Faith

galaxy-2357504_960_720The absolute greatest gift that you can give your child is faith. Faith in God, Jesus Christ, your Higher Power, Universal Intelligence, the Power that Breathes You, the Divine, the Lord, the Almighty, the Creator, Spirit, Source, Allah, Jehovah; whatever words you use for your Higher Power.

Personally, I am a Christian. I follow the teachings of Jesus Christ. I believe in the triune God: Heavenly Father, Jesus Christ and Holy Spirit.

Regardless of your religious or faith tradition, the greatest gift that you can give your child is faith in a Higher Power. It is God, Universal Intelligence, Spirit, who breathes us, and it is God who gives each of us our unique purpose in life; our God-given, God-sized dream. It is the radical Jesus who teaches us how to treat one another. It is God who is our strength and comfort in times of trouble. It is connection to Universal Intelligence that gives us the ability to create a life that we love living while we are living it.

While the gift of faith is far beyond the scope of this book, I hope that you will give enormous thought to how you model faith in your Higher Power and how you instruct your child in faith in something larger than self.

The second greatest gift that you can give your child is the consciousness of how to select a mate and the skills that make success in marriage and family relationships a high probability. For it is our intimate relationships that give us the greatest joy!



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